Its Gin O'Clock .. All Year Round for 2019

Its Gin O'Clock .. All Year Round for 2019

It seems that in the last couple of years there has literally been an explosion in the Gin market & now is the time to really enjoy this typically english favourite with some of the stunning Gin Glasses now available on the market such as the range available from Sunny By Sue - arguably one of the most talked about ranges in alcoholic glassware products in 2018 and set to be the same in 2019.

Gin Aisle

Virtually every week as the nation trundles down endless aisles of our favourite supermarkets, increasingly attractive bottles of alcoholic beverages are springing up at an unbelievable rate. You only need to take a walk down to the Gin section of your local supermarket to see a rainbow of colours being presented to you - from Pinks to Purples, the traditional clear or Dry Gin and even blue (ok not maybe blue but Bombay Sapphire would certainly have you believe that from their bottles!).

Of course we have sampled some (who are we kidding?? much more than some!) of these wonderful gins and we are very much in favour of the craft gins. Oh dont get us wrong the range from the likes of Gordon and Tanqueray are also lovely, but we strongly recommend that if you havent, you try some rhubarb gin or Pink Gin such as the very reasonably priced Limehouse Pink Gin available from Tescos (and others we suspect) - a very reasonable £17.

So with all this yummy stuff about its now down to the serious business of suitable drinking vessels & for us we love our Sunny by Sue Range . They are delicate and lovely sized glasses - each one is hand decorated so no two glasses are identical (but there are different styles that whilst have minor differences are the same overall appearance!). The glass itself is a lovely thin glass, which for us gives a delicate refined feel to the glasses, so not your cheap and thick gauge glass that has all the look and feel of a 1970's cocktail bar - far from it of course !!

Each one is a healthy size and can hold 700ml (thats a whole bottle of wine or a whole bottle of gin ! (please don't - enjoy drink responsibly !)), but of course we are refined so it actually gives plenty of room for some ice, a slice of cucumber, a mint sprigg and your favourite mixer.

And they just keep giving - they come in a range of colours and designs (as  we have said) from iridescent to extravagantly decorated Japanese garden inspired designs, please believe us when we say that these lovely glasses are a joy to drink from and hot topic at the moment.

In 2018 Sue won Best Gift  of The Year and once you get your hands on one you will completely see why !

Chin Chin - its Gin O'Clock, everywhere for 2019.... Feel free to visit our range here and follow Sue via facebook: Sunny By Sue Facebook Page / Home and Garden Facebook / Our Sunny By Sue Range

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